Group Networking - Hudson Business Exchange
How To Get Involved:

It's pretty simple...we meet once a month at My Branch Office - SOMA One and if you would like to come to a meeting just contact us below and we'll send you an invite.

As new member you get to come to 1 meeting as a registered MBO guest. After that we will ask if you would like to join  My Branch Office-SOMA One as a Standard Member for $15 per month.

JOIN My Branch Office - SOMA One

Once you join, you will not only will you have access to the Hudson Business Exchange, but also all of the benefits of My Branch Office; online business directory, space rentals, technology, special events and much more!  Newcomers may attend the first meeting without joining by registering as a MBO visitor by contacting the group Founders.

Please RSVP here: 

About The Founders

This group was started by Chris Vaglio, partner/co founder of Grey Sky Films and Todd Pifher, Marketing Manager and Business Development at Cox Printers.